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22 Feb 2016

Electric emergency could happen anytime and for strange reasons. But there is nothing to worry about these faults as there are electricians that provide 24 hour service.

Why taking services of an electric company better than taking services of an individual? You could say that company would have fixed price but an individual elettricista 24h Milano would be ready to calculate and negotiate the best price.

Advantage of a Company Service

When you deal with a company, you deal with a group. You talk to one of the executives and not the only executive. You have an official phone number that would answer to your call. And it hardly matters who is on other side of the phone because you are talking with a group. In short, a company has a physical presence and also it is traceable.

An individual elettricista 24h Milano won’t be able to provide help, in case he is busy with some other work. If he is busy, you couldn’t attend to your distress call. Also he might fall ill or become unavailable for other reasons like he could be on vacation or running out of spare parts. But he will certainly save you some money.

Emergency Service

This service has to be quick and satisfactory. You won’t want to see the electrician looking helplessly at his tools and spare parts and giving lame excuses for not been able to provide service. You would want the electrician to come prepared and complete the job in shortest time possible.

An individual elettricista 24h Milano, however trained and experienced he is, can never be perfect as he has to take care of many things like upkeep of tools, buying new tools and keeping full stock of necessary spare parts like sockets and switches. Also he would need time to travel from one location to another. Time involved in service would increase the charge.


Both the company and the individual service provider would give guarantee of satisfaction but it is the company that will be able to keep the guarantee. Guarantee has legal force as it provided for a time period. Also guarantee has some terms and conditions like the fault should be related to service provided and not due to misuse or negligence on part of the user.

When it comes to giving guarantee, an individual elettricista 24h Milano can give verbal guarantee of even more than 12 months but when you will ask for guarantee cover, the individual service provider might look for reasons to avoid giving guarantee. Individual service provider could take guarantee as loss of business.


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